Why a Seasonal Detox is Vital to Your Health

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Detoxification is so important it's something that our bodies do on a daily basis. It is that vital for our survival. But not too many people realize how important it is for health and healing. The health dictum “out of the old, in with the new” cannot be possible without a well-planned detox. Try to do at least a couple of detoxes a year. The [...]

GMOs: What They Really Do to You and the Environment

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    If you're not upset about GMOs then you're probably not aware of what they are and the magnitude of damage they inflict on your health and the planet. GMO stands for genetically modified organism.  The “clever” idea was to combine the genes of different fruits and vegetables (and even animal DNA) to improve their qualities and nutritional content. Think of combining the genes [...]

What Chlorinated Water Actually Does to Your Health

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Sun. Swimming. Beaches. Pools. Cold showers. Baths. Ice cold water. Fun. These are just some of the images and associations that the word “summer” conjures up in our minds. Well, summer sure is fun when you're not risking your health while having fun. As the hottest season of the year we tend to gravitate more towards water in the form of beaches, pools, showers, and [...]

Top Hydrating Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables for Summer

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Summer is a time for enjoying delicious fruits and vegetables that are not always available year round.  A healthy diet consists of seasonal produce that not only tastes great, but also helps to keep us hydrated during the warmer months. Take a stroll through your local farmer’s market and see the wonderful offerings on display, many of them organic and most of them locally grown.  [...]

What is it Really Costing You to Clean Your Clothes?

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Facing your own mortality and then recovering (twice) tends to make you much more aware of what’s going on around you. This has been my personal experience and I’ve certainly grown more appreciative and grateful in all areas my life as a result. My personal footprint is high on the list of awareness. I never realized something as simple as washing my clothes could have [...]

How Your pH Determines Your Overall State of Health

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Only through personal experience or self-education will you be able to discover all-encompassing health truths such as the inevitable connection between the quality of our air, water, food and our overall state of health. This is something that I myself had to painfully learn through my bouts with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I learned that you should not suppress symptoms but treat the underlying cause of disease [...]

Why Digestive Enzymes Are Vital To Your Health

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Unlike chlorophyll most of us have heard of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes are one of the current buzz words flying around in nutrition today, but what are they? Digestive enzymes are simply proteins which make good digestion possible. Life, much less digestion couldn’t exist without these enzymes. Without enzymes we would die and without enzymes we couldn’t digest, much less absorb the nutrients we need [...]

Far Infrared Sauna: A Tool for Your Detoxification

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  My husband Nevin and I use our sauna several times a week. Our sauna is not what might be considered a “traditional sauna,” as we enjoy using a far infrared sauna. This sauna has tremendous healing properties and was an important and immediate component of my healing after I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma for the second time. Many wellness facilities, including Natural Horizons [...]

Healthy Drinking Water – Alkaline Water

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Remember: All good health stems from an alkaline body and sufficient oxygen at the cellular level. Anything we put in our body affects our alkalinity. This includes not just the food we eat, but also the water we drink. Ideally, our pH level, which measures the acidity or alkalinity of our body, or in other words the sickness or health of our body, needs to [...]

Healthy & Raw On The Go!

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Healthy & Raw On The Go   ~   NY Trip 3/09/12 Hello, Elaine Gibson here, Renewed Living!  Listen, I’m just getting ready to go on a road trip for twenty four hours.  It’s Saturday, March 9th, and I’m heading up to New York City.  Tomorrow is Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament. I like to go up to the Studio; my son, Seth is a CBS [...]

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