It’s Easy To Be Healthy On The Go!

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Today we are hiking at Skyline Drive. Come along, enjoy the beautiful scenery as we share some healthy options. Watch the video and have fun. Video transcript and recipes found in this video below. **** Hi, Elaine Gibson here, Renewed Living! Nevin and I are out on Skyline Drive for a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and we've just stopped at a seating area to eat some lunch [...]

3 Delicious and Nutritious Raw Breakfast Recipes

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Everyone has his or her favorite meals to eat for breakfast. In all honesty, mine is green juice (surprise!) My health journey ( I beat Stage IV Cancer without Big Pharma) led me to understand how important our diet is and how vital raw food recipes and alkaline water are to achieving optimal disease free health. Some of the dishes that  many folks looking for raw food [...]

TV News Report on Alkaline Water

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Please use the comment section below to share your thoughts and ideas. We LOVE hearing from you! In health and gratitude, Elaine & Nevin P.S. Before I forget, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed and are serious about getting clarity and focus to create the life you desire and deserve, let's schedule a Find Your Focus 15 minute complimentary call. CLICK HERE and let's talk. P.P.S. [...]

When You Know Better, You Do Better

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Dr. Eric Etka & Nevin Gibson Dr. Eric Etka: Alright, so Nevin…here’s what we’re going to do. I know that your wife and you have been eating better than probably ninety percent of the planet for quite a long time, and in the last four or five months, there have been a lot of changes in the house, right? Whereas, Elaine has gone from already [...]

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