How I beat Stage IV cancer

Fresh Indoor Air

Elaine recommended the fresh air system for us because our boys have asthma and allergies. Since installing the unit, my children have been doing so much better. They rarely ever use their inhalers and they are off all seasonal medications. I also don’t believe in flu shots and I am happy to say that my children have not gotten the flu even through the swine flu epidemic. I really believe that they are healthier because of the fresh air unit and would love to see all schools, day care units and child activity centers purchase the units. – Melissa Davis

Active Air Purification

Take the solution to the source

By going far beyond simple filtration and dust collection, active air purification can remove smoke, odors, odor-causing bacteria, airborne contaminants, and contaminants on surfaces that simply can’t be reached by other types of air purification. Treat the air and surfaces in your home on a continuous basis with NASA-inspired, FreshAir Certified Space Technology. Take smoke and odors away fast with the tried-and-true ClassicAir. And never travel without fresher indoor air with a FreshAir ToGo. Based on processes found in nature, Vollara’s air purification systems can bring the power of science and nature to you and your family.

Fresh Air Surround

Fresh Air Surround

Have you ever thought about what’s really polluting your home environment? Little ones bring the day’s germs home with them and spread them everywhere. Garbage cans are funky. The smell of leftover spicy food can linger for days. And who knows what surprises our pets bring in with them.


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FreshAir Cube

FreshAir Cube by Vollara brings the science and safety of nature indoors. Natural, odor-eliminating, pollutant-reducing processes found in sunlight and thunderstorms are recreated in the home. FreshAir Cube with ActivePure Technology, Certified Space Technology™ creates healthier living spaces. That means less money spent on harmful chemical sprays and wipes, and more time to spend with loved ones.


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FreshAir Mobile

The ultimate portable air purifier for the daily commute or office, the FreshAir Mobile by Vollara utilizes our revolutionary ActivePure Technology. Eliminate odors and remove contaminants such as smoke, pollen and pet dander from the air inside your hotel room, office, car, RV or other small space.

This product does not meet California requirements and cannot be shipped to California.


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FreshAir Personal

Today’s modern indoor environments are rife with contaminants. The FreshAir Personal provides nature’s own powerful properties with a built-in ionizer that attracts free-roaming particles and captures them, reducing allergens and pollutants that invade the space you breathe. The FreshAir Personal creates an almost particle-free zone around the wearer by generating high intensity ion streams that add charges to nearby airborne particles. These charged particles repel each other and adhere to surfaces out of your breathing zone. This means substantially decreased concentrations of allergens, smoke, dust, and pollen in the air you breathe. The FreshAir Personal is designed and engineered to be so simple to use that it encourages daily usage, like wearing a watch.


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FreshAir Focus

Hampers, trash cans, diaper pails…they’re all designed to store smelly stuff. How do you stop them from smelling up the whole room? The answer is to take one of nature’s most powerful deodorizers and target the very source of the problem; to literally focus what keeps fresh air fresh, and bring it indoors. No sprays, no perfumes – just nature.


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