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Without water, life could not exist – we could not exist.

Alkalizing & Energizing Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

Most people drink nowhere near enough water and the water they do drink is oxidizing, acid (low pH) and contributes to premature aging. This has been proven in thousands of clinical cases. Today, acidity abounds due to improper eating and drinking habits. This acidity sets the stage for almost every illness you can name. You will be amazed at the health goals you can achieve when acidity is no longer ruling your body.

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Features of IonPod
  • Creates Alkaline Antioxidant Water
  • Alkakines pH by up to 2000%
  • Increases Hydration!
  • Creates Silky Smooth, Fresh Tasting Water in Minutes!
  • Contains Silver & Anti-backterial Ceramic Spheres!


  1. How many oz of water does it hold?

  2. need more info on IonPod. The info here is insufficient. How does it work? What’s the capacity of the container? How do you clean it? Do you have to replace any parts? When? How much? What are the 3 parts displayed above?

  3. How long does ion pod last? Replacements? What about minerals?

  4. What is the IodPod made out of?

    What is the purpose of the screened top (the one with holes)?

    Thank you in advance,

  5. Hello Eva,
    The Ion Pod is a stainless steel water container. The screened top with the holes is a basket that contains minerals that enhance the water to be alkaline. Please let me know how I can further help.Elaine

  6. Hello,
    Can you provide a link to a few of those studies that show water most people drink is contributing to premature aging?

  7. Hello,
    I have a metal allergy. Can you specify what minerals are in the basket?

  8. Do I have to buy minerals in addition to the IONPOD itself?

    • Hello Gloria, The Ion Pod had minerals inside. Each year you will replace the mineral basket for very little cost. Keep in touch.

  9. So how does this work and how much time does it take? Money back guarantee? Is this compare with other water treatments such as reverse osmosis?

    • Hello Kathy, Thanks for reaching out. The Ion Pod is going to provide you with alkalinity. Reverse Osmosis is the total opposite for it strips the water of all of the minerals and we do not recommend it for drinking.

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