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It Took Me Facing Death to Get Serious About Living

Hello there! My name is Elaine Gibson, and I’m a stage IV cancer victor who beat cancer with an integrated approach…and without even giving up chocolate.

Through my experience, I’ve turned my journey into a career as a disease prevention expert. Today, I am an author, sought after speaker, workshop facilitator, private health coach, and creator of the Extraordinary Made Easy Method that shows you how to heal cancer. Extreme Health Radio cited me as the 4th most international, inspirational, natural cancer survivor. My most significant accomplishments involve being a green juice loving grandmother and observing the incredible health transformations my clients achieve through our program.

But my journey wasn’t an easy one. It took facing death to get serious about living. That’s why I’m passionate about helping others do the same.

I believe that the body can heal itself and that health and longevity go hand in hand. Whether you’re facing a health challenge or simply want to improve your overall wellbeing, I’m here to support and guide you every step of the way.

During my free time, you’ll often find me enjoying the company of my family, exploring nature, playing pickleball, and connecting with passionate and extraordinary women.

Don’t wait for a crisis to take charge of your health. Let my journey be a lesson and a source of inspiration for you.

With the right mindset, support, and guidance, you too can tap into the wisdom of your body, overcome cancer, or any health challenge, and create a legacy that will last for generations.

Together, we can create a world where sustainable, disease-free living is the new normal.

I found my extraordinary

They Found Their Extraordinary

My Life Has Changed Since I Met Elaine

I met Elaine a couple of years ago at a Yoga class…my life has changed since then. She is an awesome person and so willing to share all her knowledge. I was starting to juice at that time but Elaine provided so much more information. She also introduced us to the needs of Alkaline water and the general needs of keeping our bodies alkaline. She is a good friend and we are blessed to have met her!
Mary Jane Wernitznig,
Realtor, Fairfax, VA

They transform people's lives

They transform people's lives-Renewed Living

Sponsoring and attending Renewed Living’s workshop series is an honor and a joy. Being in the same room with incredible souls who are there to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary is quite inspiring. The knowledge Elaine and her speakers share can be implemented immediately and the connections made are priceless.
Mali Phonpadith, SOAR Community Network

Thanks for the help, lost 78 pounds!

Thanks for the help, lost 78 pounds! Renewed Living

THANK YOU so much for the advice and information on green juicing which I am absolutely addicted to. Your raw food tips, coupled with simple steps to better health have helped me lose 78 pounds! Yes weight loss, although not the focus as you say-getting healthy is-was a direct by-product. I have not felt better in years. My 2 yr old thanks you, her daddy will be around to see her milestones in life. Thank you Elaine and the folks at Renewed Living!
Brian Ellsworth

Elaine's focus fills a void

A privilege presenting as a keynote speaker-Renewed Living

I had the privilege of presenting as a keynote speaker at Elaine’s inaugural Renewed Living workshop/luncheon, and I stayed for the entire event. Her event execution was superb. Elaine’s passion for health & wellness, and her willingness to share her own health journey for the benefit of others, contributed to an authentic, educational, and highly engaging experience. In addition, I followed up with Elaine after her event with specific questions, and she quickly responded. Elaine’s focus fills a void in a crowded event planning market. Her information was relevant, useful, and actionable. I look forward to investing my valuable time to attend her future events.
Marissa Levin

Quick note to thank you

Quick note to thank you-Renewed Living

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the Fresh Air Surround air purifier. I wouldn’t normally write you a note just to thank you, but in this case, I must! The air purifier is simply fantastic. Our office has a large room which is accessed by many people, and we had tried for years to get a good purifier. Nothing would do the trick … until now! I also appreciate the personalized service with setup. It means a lot. Thanks so much. Everyone in my office really appreciates it.
Wayne R. Cohen,
Washington, D.C.

The absolute best investment!

The absolute best investment-Renewed Living

Coaching with Elaine has been the absolute best investment for learning steps to a lifetime of vibrancy and longevity! Elaine has brought all of her knowledge and personal experience to the table when coaching me about simple strategies that are easy to implement, even with my busy schedule! Beginning in a state of overwhelm running a business and a full household, Elaine has helped me breakdown barriers that were keeping me from living the healthy and vibrant life that I knew I have always wanted (and needed). I started having results from our FIRST phone call! Elaine has helped me to switch off the overwhelm mode and turn on a mode of empowerment and energy! Through Elaine’s coaching and my new healthier lifestyle, I feel more radiant, confident and alive. With Gratitude and Love.
Michelle Wood, AR, Nurse