Dr. Eric Etka & Nevin Gibson

Dr. Eric Etka: Alright, so Nevin…here’s what we’re going to do. I know that your wife and you have been eating better than probably ninety percent of the planet for quite a long time, and in the last four or five months, there have been a lot of changes in the house, right? Whereas, Elaine has gone from already eating really well and being very conscious of preparation and cooking and things and now, it’s just particularly straight forward, focused, raw foods and I want to know, as a husband, like, what is that like being in that house and how has it changed?
Nevin Gibson: Well, first of all, it was a little bit of a surprise. We were already eating pretty healthy and we like to eat more vegetables than meats and fruits. But then Elaine got into the raw food diet and so, I’m learning more about raw foods and that’s made a big difference. It’s been a surprise to me making a whole meal out of raw food. We went to a cooking class and there was a five course meal, all out of raw vegetables and I was surprised how it tasted like real food.
Dr. Etka: Wow.
Nevin: I mean, you had salads, a main course like pasta made from zucchini and then desserts made from coconuts and other natural…
Dr. Etka: Right, so the raw pasta dishes and then lots other types of nuts and salads and many vegetables too…
Nevin: So, once I realized that this is really good food, as well as being very nutritious for you and more healthy, then I became more interested in doing it at home. Now we’ve got a new blender and a juicer…
Dr. Etka: Yeah. So, is it, is it tougher to kind of make a transition or buying new foods or taking time to make your own dishes, because it’s obviously not something we’re going to be able to pick up at the super market…
Nevin: It’s not too much more work; it’s a matter of just changing your portions, like buying more vegetables and buying less chicken, for instance. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking, because it’s mostly raw. But coming up on a winter diet, you eat hot food…
Dr. Etka: Sure, right…
Nevin: So, ya know, we’re at a certain percentage of raw food now and I feel better for it. You have a snack in the afternoon of all natural green juice and I feel more energized without having that full feeling or sluggish feeling after eating a big lunch.
Dr. Etka: Yeah, I did that because all day today, we’ve been doing juices, different types of juices…we made almond milk, we’ve been eating the chips and the kale…all of it’s raw food all day long while we’ve been getting things together and videoing stuff and I mean, I’m not hungry and I have lots of energy. And what have you seen in yourself, what have you seen in Elaine throughout the last three or four months?
Nevin: Well, it’s made a big difference in Elaine. She’s talked about going down dress sizes. She went from a size…well, she didn’t state an actual size, but she’s gone down four dress sizes…
Dr. Etka: Wow! Really?
Nevin: In the last four to six months. And she wasn’t really dieting, she wasn’t trying to lose weight; she was trying to eat healthy with the raw foods and raw vegetables. And what I noticed, we went and did some shopping last week and I’m in between sizes in pants, and I’ve had a hard time finding the right waist size. But where I’m at now, my waist size has gone down about an inch and a half, and I’m a good even size pants and I’ve needed to shop for myself, and…
Dr. Etka: So, you’re eating better foods and your body is functioning better and you just happened to get thinner…
Nevin: Without even trying.
Dr. Etka: Wow, that’s good. And when you travel, how is that going to be different? What do you think?
Nevin: Well, we have to make some adjustments in that, if we are travelling by car, we take a cooler with us. We take, um, alkaline water, things like that. Flying, of course, we have to make some adjustments. I haven’t really done that much of that recently, as far as how to prepare for a longer trip. But you can find raw foods and salads anywhere you travel, just about.
Dr. Etka: Yeah, and she’s putting the recipes on the website.
Nevin: Mmm hmm…
Dr. Etka: And those things as well. What do you look forward to in the future?
Nevin: I’m looking forward to being healthier and one thing I’ve noticed also….historically, I used to get about two colds a year, one in the fall and one in the winter. And the last few years, I still get one or two colds a year but they’re pretty mild. But this past year, this past fall, I haven’t had a cold at all or even a sniffle, and I think it’s partly because of the raw foods and I’m drinking the alkaline water and, um, just being more health conscious and nutrition conscious. And of course, I get exercise and sleep, too.
Dr. Etka: Absolutely! See, you’re already healthier than most people your age and now, you’re even, you’ve even bumped that up higher.
Nevin: That’s how I feel about it.
Dr. Etka: That’s amazing. So, you can always keep getting better, right?
Nevin: Indeed!
Dr. Etka: Good job!

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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