Each morning I begin my day with a cup of warm alkaline water with lemon and cayenne pepper.

 Even the picture is comforting and makes me feel fantastic!

While on my mission to beat Stage IV Cancer without traditional medicine, protecting my immune system was on my mind 24/7. Now cancer free everyday I concentrate on how I will bring alkalinity and oxygen to my body, how I will practice what I learned on my never ending search for solid information. How will I cleanse my body, how will I keep the toxins away and how will I do this easily? After all, am I the only one that is crazy busy and on overload? Probably not!

This tip is really one of those no brainers you will love.

Our bodies recognize this combination as a champion at stimulating the digestive system, increasing hydration, helping with cleansing and detoxing, supporting your immune system, increasing alkalinity, reducing stomach bloat and weight loss.

Between 4 am and noon is when the body attempts to get rid of all of the by products and leftovers created digesting and absorbing the food you ate the previous day.  Making sure this process completes smoothly is critical, because wastes that remain begin to grow toxic to your system the longer they remain in your body.  Disruption of this cycle is the most common cause of metabolic and digestive issues that people face.

This tip is one of the easiest and most powerful enhancements you can make.

As someone who is always thinking about their immune system and how to stay alkaline, this is a true home run.

Some changes are harder than others to incorporate but not this one. Your body will thank you.

Lemon is just one of those fabulous things we love and use in so many ways. Now, with essential oils becoming so popular, it is easier than ever to incorporate as we create our extraordinary lifestyle.  This is so important to me that  I have included  lemon oil in my Box of Extraordinary  and even made a video for you.


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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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