Sprouted grain products are quickly becoming some of the most popular for many eating plans and training programs because of their nutritional value. Regular grains are seeds which are generally put into bread and grain products but these grains are usually harvested before the grain has a chance to actually break through the outer shell and grow extra nutrients and proteins that the plant would normally have. Usually the un-sprouted grain is the standard for most types of grain products but they simply don’t have the same amount of nutrients that you would find in grains that are certified sprouted.

Sprouted grains have extremely high portions of vitamins, minerals and proteins so you can see some beneficial increases if you are training or trying to lose weight by eating the sprouted grains. With the extra nutrients that you find in sprouted grains you can also experience an overall greater immune system that is much better equipped to take on various toxins that could enter your body.

One of the best advantages that you will experience with sprouted grains is that they also tend to be a little tastier than their refined partners. This is because our body likes all of the extra nutrients and the refined tastes that sprouted grains can have. These days, sprouted products are widely available at most markets.


In my post Sprouting Made Easy , you will learn how to make your own sprouts in less than 30 seconds a day!  This is so important to me that  I have included it in my Box of Extraordinary  and even made a video for you.


Although I am eating mostly raw I certainly do enjoy the occasional bread, pancakes, pasta and tortilla wraps, as long as they are sprouted. Sprouted flour is also available. Get started with sprouted products by selecting a couple to try first.

Sprouted legumes are a true staple for me. There is not a day that goes by I do not have either clover, mung bean or lentil sprouts that I have personally sprouted. In fact, these are Sprouts2my sprouts! This is so easy to do that it literally takes less than 30 seconds a day!

As you become more familiar with Renewed Living, you too will be sprouting your way to extraordinary health!

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