Many people can successfully change their eating habits, to include leaner meats, avoid refined carbs, and consume more fruits and vegetables. However, few people think about how hydration affects health and why water is important to the body. Water serves many purposes in the body. The most important role is to help the kidneys flush toxins from the system.

Water is important in disease prevention, because it helps transport toxins and harmful organisms from the body. When toxins build up, they can contribute to the formation of cancer cells. Therefore, water is essential as a cancer prevention measure. Many people detox their bodies regularly, through a water fast or by drinking only water for a day or two and skipping solid food.

Water helps a person gain more energy through the foods they consume. It helps foods break down faster, to provide the body with fuel to function. Water is particularly important during and after exercise, to help the body recover and prevent weakness. Whether running, cycling, canoeing, or playing a contact sport, water is necessary to help the muscles move and perform as required. Water is one of the simple solutions for re-hydration after exercise. Sport drinks with electrolytes can help, but water can work just as well during and after an average work out. For longer or sustained physical activity, water and sport drinks can be combined, if desired.

People who try raw foods diets to rid their bodies of toxins and achieve better health need water for digestion. Many fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. Water is needed to help these foods pass through the digestive system without discomfort.

Water is considered by many cultures to be healing. When it comes from a natural spring with no chemicals, it can rejuvenate the body and the soul. Drinking plenty of clean, clear water while bathing in a natural spring is a great way to feel good all over. Water makes the body more alkaline, which is important in disease prevention and reducing the incidence of inflammation. Acidic conditions tend to contribute to inflammation in the body.

There is probably no single substance more important for weight loss than water. Drinking a glass before each meal helps calm the appetite. This means a person who tends to overeat or eat large portions will feel full faster by drinking water before eating. Water also helps rid the body of toxins that can lead to fluid retention and bloating. A person who drinks water regularly is likely to feel more comfortable throughout the day. There is no denying that proper hydration is important to achieving optimal health, regardless of a person’s state of health, age, or level of physical activity.

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P.P.S. If you have enjoyed this information and can think of someone that would be well served to receive the information, please share.