It seems like almost every day is a travel day. We are busier than ever and more travel opportunities and destinations. Of course this means  the interstates are more crowded than usual, and the airports are packed with eager travelers off to their  destinations. With the extra crowds, you’re probably finding yourself getting to the airport several hours before take-off to allow enough time for check-in. With all the additional downtime, you’ll likely be finding yourself ready for a snack or even a meal before you journey on to your next destination.

Funny that making choices and decisions about what clothes to bring used to be my top travel stress. You could find mounds of clothes out and on my bed as I frantically try on everything in my closet! Now that I am so committed to making good choices about what goes in my body, (got the on done), it is time to turn my focus to – what the heck I can eat?

Here are a few of my favorite tricks on healthy things you can find at the airport, whether you’re on a layover, delayed, or are just famished from your travels!

Bring healthy snacks from home

They might have restrictions on liquids, but you can bring foods from home, and I think a large number of people don’t realize this. Healthy snacks that satisfy are snap peas and mandarins, both easy to take along anywhere. Nuts are also a good choice, though check with your airline as some may have restrictions due to nut allergies. Dried fruits without added sugar are another great snacking idea. These nutritious and delicious snacks can keep you fueled up until you get to your destination.


Indulge in dark chocolate

When you’re delayed, and you desperately want something sweet to snack on, head to one of the convenience stores and grab a bar of dark chocolate. You’ll not only be treating yourself, but you’ll also be getting a bounty of antioxidants. Be sure to choose a bar that’s at least 70% cacao to make it as natural as possible.


Drink a smoothie

Most airports have smoothie stations, which make a more nutritious stop than the airport bar. If you’re going somewhere tropical, why not fuel your adventures with a tropical-flavored smoothie? Make sure you add mostly greens to your smoothie so you can enjoy the health benefits without loading up on too much fruit in one glass.


Find a lean protein source

Steer clear of those fast-food chains and instead, seek out the places that serve lean proteins in the form of hard boiled eggs and spinach salads, roasted chicken, or even hummus with cut-up vegetables. Sandwiches with lean proteins (and without being slathered in mayonnaise or creamy sauces) can also be a filling option for your airport adventures if you’re running out of options or time to explore.


Grab a few protein bars to go

And for those times when you’ll be hopping from one place to another pretty fast and you’ve forgotten to pack your own, grab protein bars to keep you fueled up. The trick is to choose the brands that have less than 10 grams of sugar and only a few ingredients.


Take these quick tips along for your summer adventures and be a master of resisting fatty foods at the airport! Where have you traveled to this summer? I’d love to hear about your experiences — hit reply and let me know what you’ve been up to.


In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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