Summer fruit season is finally here, and I can’t help but get excited to buy that first ripe watermelon. Of course, there’s nothing more refreshing than watermelon slices on a hot summer day, but you don’t have to eat it plain.

Here are some different ways that you can enjoy watermelon this season.

1. Make a watermelon salad

There’s nothing more refreshing and appropriate for summer than adding fruits to your salad, and watermelon is no exception. Watermelon tastes delicious paired with feta cheese (substitute a vegan feta cheese, if desired) and mint. You can serve this combination in a variety of ways. Throw the ingredients into a bowl with some cucumber, red onion, and lime juice for a refreshing salad, or make individual appetizers of watermelon cubes topped with the feta and mint.

2. Add some spices and seasoning.

If you’ve never tried putting spices on your watermelon, now is the time to start. Cinnamon, Tajin seasoning (chili powder, salt, and lime juice), and cayenne pepper all make delicious combinations of spicy and sweet watermelon that you must try. However, if you want something simpler, have your watermelon with a bit of Himalayan sea salt— it will bring out its sweetness even more.

3. Make watermelon popsicles.

All you need for this delicious kid-friendly treat are some popsicle molds. Blend up the watermelon, pour it into the molds, and stick it in the freezer. You’ll get some delicious, all-natural popsicles that everyone will enjoy; without all those added sugars. Similarly, you can make watermelon sorbet by freezing some watermelon cubes and then blending them with lime juice.

4. Watermelon smoothie.

Pairing melon with a mild green, like spinach and cucumber, is a favorite. Place watermelon, spinach, cucumber, ginger and mint, with some ice, blend and enjoy.

5. Watermelon tuna.

Watermelon makes a surprisingly good substitute for raw tuna. You can eat it like a watermelon tuna steak, put it in your poke bowls, or make watermelon ceviche. Use similar seasonings to what you would use for tuna, such as coconut aminos, toasted sesame oil, and rice vinegar. Let it marinate for at least an hour, and you’re ready to serve this vegan-friendly and refreshing meal.

6. Watermelon Gazpacho.

Gazpacho is a cold soup made of blended raw veggies, making it the perfect summer meal. It is usually made with tomatoes, but you can make a watermelon version that’ll be a crowd-pleaser.

7. Make a watermelon juice or a mocktail.

Watermelon juice is very easy to make because the fruit already contains so much water. Just blend it and add some ice and mint. You can drink watermelon juice on its own or use it to make a mocktail. There are plenty of recipes out there, depending on what drinks you enjoy.

8. Grill your watermelon.

Next time you fire up the grill, throw on some watermelon for dessert. Watermelon has a wonderfully unique flavor when grilled. It becomes smokier and pairs well with lime juice, mint, and spices such as chili powder. Coat the watermelon slices with a little bit of sea salt before grilling to let them char.


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