Ways to Sneak Wellness into Your Workday

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FREQUENTLY I hear that staying on track and making healthy choices consistently is just to overwhelming due to our crazy schedules. Somehow, crazy has become the new normal and this often leads to lowering our personal standards. Now that is crazy! Daily workouts and healthy eating can be quite challenging to fit into a busy schedule. Often, this causes us to throw our hands up [...]

On the Way to Meet with Nevin Gibson & Dorri Scott

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As someone who has beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to bring my plant based, high alkaline high raw lifestyle into every phase of my day.  You do not have to cancer  to understand how important your immune system is. All too often I witness men and women going through life serious about feeding their mind and ignoring [...]

Festive Superfoods for the Holidays

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We’re moving into one the most wonderful times of the year, would you agree? While the music plays and festivities begin, so does overwhelm and confusion! There are so many lovely things about the holiday season that I’d have a hard time listing only a few. There are also so many  things getting added to our already busy schedule. I’d have to say, though, that universally, we all [...]

Foods That Help with Cravings

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When you think about food cravings, typically the first thing that comes to mind would be some type of junk food. Something that is high in calories, low in nutrients, processed and quite unhealthy. Is that what you tend to crave when a craving kicks in? What is your go-to craving -- chocolate chip cookies? A big bowl of ice cream? Personally, rippled potato chips have [...]

3 Tips for Healthy Snacking

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There’s a fine line between waiting too long between meals and snacking all day to curb your hunger. Waiting too long can cause you to overeat during your mealtimes because you’re ravenous – and grazing all day can lead to mindless or habitual eating that could cause overeating, especially when you’re still eating full meals at meal times. The goal is to figure out your [...]

Surprising Beauty Foods

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Fresh fruits and vegetables contain magical powers when it comes to shiny hair, clear skin, and strong nails. I’ve chosen five wonderful foods that will  help you look and feel extraordinary below that are perhaps not as well known for their powerful beauty benefits. While focusing on beating Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, I discovered that foods have certain roles to play. My high [...]

The Perfect Snack for Energy, Vitality, and Weight Loss

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Want a snack that’s not only healthy, but tasty and full of nutrition? One that will maybe even help you to whittle your waistline?   INTRODUCING THE PROTEIN BALL! These bite-size snacks are the perfect way to enjoy something yummy while also packing a whopping nutritional punch. You can use any kind of protein powder for these balls, but I highly recommend giving raw sprouted [...]

How to Make Raw Ice Cream

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I love eating a mostly raw diet and I love eating ice cream! When talking about health, I often engage in conversations with people who don’t want to give up food that they love, such as breads, pastas, and especially desserts like ice cream. Of course I like a good frozen treat just as much as anybody. Today I  appreciate what live, nutrient-rich foods do [...]

Delicious Easy Alkaline Mushroom Wrap

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Elaine Gibson, coming to you from Renewed Living in our kitchen sitting room. I want to share with you a variation on a theme that I saw today at Cheesecake Factory. I was having lunch with a friend and she ordered lettuce wraps, and they substituted portobello mushrooms instead of chicken. So, I thought, oh my goodness, I cannot wait to get home and make [...]

Delicious Energy Bars

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"I just took my energy bars out of the dehydrator and I wanted to show you what I’d like to do." Read more Energy bars are very popular and often a quick grab and go for busy people. (That probably includes all of us). I have seen way too many using energy bars as a meal replacement. Not a good idea if you are serious [...]

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