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The Extraordinary Sisterhood is a place for women to support each other on their journeys to impact the world, create extraordinary lives and find their extraordinary souls.

Elaine Gibson
Healthy Lifestyle Designer
& Motivational Speaker

Elaine is the founder of Renewed Living and the creator of the Extraordinary Living Made Easy method. Cited as one of the world’s top ten natural cancer survivors by Extreme Health Radio (#4), having beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, Elaine shares her hard-won lessons for living an Extraordinary life. She works from the principle that it is possible, through natural clean living, to counteract the stressful and health-damaging effects that modern living has on the body, mind, and relationships.

She empower women to find their version of extraordinary, whether that’s starting a business, shedding pounds, healing from chronic health decisions, creating deeper connections and relationships, or simply learning to let go of stress and find inner peace and contentment.

When you join the Extraordinary Sisterhood, you’ll discover:

How to take simple steps to get healthier especially during times of crisis and health threats!

The best way to boost your immunity, strengthen your body’s defense, and live an extraordinary life at any age without making big changes!

My secret tips and delicious recipes that keep me full of endless energy so I can enjoy all the things I love doing with the people I love most!

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The Extraordinary Sisterhood contains exclusive posts, tips, ongoing inspiration, guest experts, actionable exercises and space to share wins, challenges and experiences to help you make choices that reflect you and who you truly are, so you can fly.

Sisterhood Love

The Extraordinary Sisterhood is warm, calm in turbulence and invites growth. I love the online community. I have seen some that get political or almighty and not here. This group invites YOU to ENGAGE. I love that I am EMPOWERED. Frustrations are ok and the unwrapped to have ACTIONABLE SOLUTIONS. With all the health tips she shares, I’ve been able to get healthier and feel better in each step. health and lifestyle ideas that are doable!! Yes, engaging with women is a gift.

Angelica Delboy
Real Estate agent

Being a part of The Extraordinary Sisterhood is AMAZING! I am a business owner and also the 2019-2020 president of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Greater DC Chapter. My schedule is usually insanely busy. Elaine is so supportive and I really benefit from her livestreams and the content she shares. And, she takes the time to answer all of my questions. This is an incredible community of women and I’m so thankful to be a part of it!

Diana Dibble, President/Chief Motivator
Design To Delivery Inc

I’ve been a part of the Extraordinary Sisterhood since the beginning. I loved the idea of having a place to go where I could be with like minded women, share ideas and get great information about my health and wellness. The Extraordinary Sisterhood has given me all of that and more. Elaine has done a wonderful job bringing together an extraordinary group of women. It has been amazing.

Deborah Myers
Client Appreciation Strategist

More than anything I want you to feel RADIANT ENERGY so you can live a stronger, healthier, and extraordinary life – at any age without sacrificing delicious food or making it complicated! Inside the Extraordinary Sisterhood I share the best tips, secrets, recipes, and more to help you achieve radiance and extraordinary on your own terms!

We are a fun-filled group of like-minded women who all want to live our best life!
I can help you make the shifts you need to get the life you’re after!

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not here to diagnose, treat, cure or claim to prevent illnesses. I’m simply here to share what’s worked for me to get healthier and beat stage IV cancer. I want the best for you, but your results are dependent on the steps you take. I can’t make the shifts for you. But, I am here to help and provide support!