For the Woman Ready to Embrace Nature's Healing Power

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Embark on a revitalizing journey with the Hydro-Nourish Essentials, where hydration meets nutrition in perfect harmony. Our carefully curated program combines the power of 2 Ion Pods with an effective Detox plan to enhance your everyday wellness.


  1. Oxygen-Infused Essential Hydration: Our advanced Ion Pods not only enhance hydration but are also designed to infuse water with oxygen, vital for cellular health and healing. This process boosts energy levels, supports vital bodily functions, and enhances your body’s natural ability to heal, ensuring you perform at your best every day.
  2. Fundamental Detoxification: The Detox program is designed to gently cleanse your system, removing toxins and impurities. This process is vital for restoring your body’s natural balance and promoting a healthier, more vibrant you.
  3. Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Transformation: Hydro-Nourish Essentials isn’t just a program; it’s a pathway to a transformed lifestyle. By tapping into the wisdom of your body, it empowers you to heal and rejuvenate at a deeper level. This holistic approach fosters a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, enabling you to live in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms and needs.

Ready to transform your health and embrace the essentials of wellness? Join the Hydro-Nourish Essentials journey today!

Click here to start revitalizing your body with optimal hydration and balanced nutrition. Don’t wait to unlock a healthier, more vibrant you – Your journey to wellness begins now!”


The Essence of Hydration

The Ion Pod is an Alkalizing & Energizing Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

Most people drink nowhere near enough water and the water they do drink is oxidizing, acid (low pH) and contributes to premature aging. This has been proven in thousands of clinical cases. Today, acidity abounds due to improper eating and drinking habits. This acidity sets the stage for almost every illness you can name. You will be amazed at the health goals you can achieve when acidity is no longer ruling your body.

We Believe in the transformative power of true hydration. Water isn’t just about quenching thirst; it’s about revitalizing every cell, every organ, every part of you.

2 Ion Pods:

  • Cellular Hydration: Dive deep. Quench your body’s thirst at the cellular level, ensuring the optimal function of your entire system.
  • Toxin Flush: You Deserve purity. Amplify your body’s natural detox mechanisms, rinsing away toxins and impurities with enhanced hydration.
  • Enhanced Physical Performance: Feel the tangible benefits of being adequately hydrated with improved stamina, muscle function, and a zest for life.

I love the taste and feel and effect of the IonPod. It IS amazing and my dog prefers it over any other!
– Lessandra


Alkaline Food Chart


Foods from Nature’s Bounty

We Believe in the unmatched potency of nutrient-rich foods. From the lush gardens of our Earth to your plate, there’s a symphony of health waiting to be unlocked.

Renewed Living Detox Program:

  • Nutrient-Rich Wellness: Introduce your body to foods brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, creating a foundation for optimal health and well-being.
  • Digestive Harmony: You Deserve a system that works in perfect balance. Foster better digestion, absorption, and an overall harmonious gut environment.
  • Elevated Energy & Mood: Experience the sheer joy of a body and mind fueled by clean, whole foods. A surge in energy and an uplifted mood are just the beginnings of your transformative journey.

Your Next Step to Transformation

The bundle is designed to nurture, revitalize, and rejuvenate, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique healing adventure.

Coaching with Elaine has been the absolute best investment for learning steps to a lifetime of vibrancy and longevity! Elaine has brought all of her knowledge and personal experience to the table when coaching me about simple strategies that are easy to implement, even with my busy schedule! Beginning in a state of overwhelm running a business and a full household, Elaine has helped me breakdown barriers that were keeping me from living the healthy and vibrant life that I knew I have always wanted (and needed). I started having results from our FIRST phone call! Elaine has helped me to switch off the overwhelm mode and turn on a mode of empowerment and energy! Through Elaine’s coaching and my new healthier lifestyle, I feel more radiant, confident and alive.

Michelle Wood, AR, Nurse

Elaine cares *deeply for her clients, and nurtures the heck out of them!! She took a stand for me when I really needed it, and always made me feel loved in the process. She didn’t judge or pressure me, and educated me in areas that I hadn’t been exposed to yet. She really showed me what it takes to create an alkaline lifestyle for long term health and wellness, and even taught me how to get my family on board. It was a boutique, customized experience that showed me how to work with my natural tendencies. She’s a warrior of love and life, and really shows up. She speaks the truth, and is completely focused on being present. I just feel so safe working with Elaine, and I’m proud to call her a friend and mentor.

Niki Rubinger, MN, Coach and Healer

I am so pleased that I worked with Elaine as my health coach. When I made the decision to work with Elaine it was motivated by my desire to improve my diet. I collaborated with Elaine expecting she would advise me on what to include in my diet to work toward my goals. She did that, but something unexpected happened. Our sessions were not only about my diet, they were about ME and the other factors in my life that needed attention. Like many other women, I am truly in the sandwich generation and work full-time. What I needed for myself became an afterthought or was not thought of at all. I am now committed to pampering myself. Improving one’s diet is very important but when it works in concert with exercise, relaxation, and fun times with family and friends and last but not least, time designated for me, the transformation on how I feel is greater than I could have hoped. Elaine is knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and is a very good listener. The lessons learned during this coaching will stay with me always as they have become part of my daily routine.


We Believe in the power of nature and the body’s innate ability to heal, rejuvenate, and transform. As you embark on this journey, remember: 

You Deserve not only hope for today but a vibrant, promising future brimming with well-being.