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Elaine Gibson is an extraordinary woman, cited as one of the world’s top ten natural cancer survivors by Extreme Health Radio (#4), having beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, Elaine shares her hard-won lessons for living a clean, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Once she began making healthy changes, she lost 28 pounds and dropped 4-5 sizes. Today Elaine is a published author, sought-after motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, private coach, and a green juicing, loving grandmother.

Elaine has been prominently featured in VA Woman Magazine, International Raw Food Day, The Raw Food Institute, Holistic Lifestyle and Integrated Health Magazine. She has spoken at Unscripted Power, Cure 2 Cancer Conferences, Women in Sales Conference, Take Back Your Health Conferences in VA and CA, Women in Financial Services, The Vitality Summit, and the important Quest for the Cures documentary series alongside Dr. Brian Clements and Dr. Gabriel Cousens. She can be heard on many podcasts, interviews and is a featured author in “Don’t Waste My Cancer “and “Midlife Transformations.”

For the last several years, she has trained and coached high achieving men and women in a new way of approaching their lifestyles – by harnessing the power of positive intention to create an Extraordinary Life to regain their zest and step into their own version of extraordinary. She works from the principle that it is possible, through natural clean living, to counteract the stressful and health-damaging effects that modern living has on the body, mind, and relationships. The men and women she works with love to feel good about themselves and learn how to get there with the least amount of hassle and confusion.

Elaine is the founder of Renewed Living and the creator of the Extraordinary Living Made Easy program. She hosts talks, workshops, VIP Days and one-on-one coaching sessions to help people gain more energy, lose weight, and rejuvenate their health and well-being. She believes that we must be our best selves to create and bring our best work to the world. Elaine empowers others to renew the promises they have made to themselves.

She is known for her Radical Rejuvenation Workshops and Radical Reinvention VIP Days during which groups and individuals get a one-day intensive session on turning their health, life, and career around, as well as her Extraordinary Living private coaching – – which focuses on personal, tailored coaching. Elaine also offers the Box of Extraordinary, a “starter kit” that gets you started on the road to self-healing, weight management and personal discovery, as well as complimentary private coaching sessions to help evaluate clients’ specific needs and design a program for them.

To contact Elaine for media inquiries, public speaking, interviews, and articles, please contact Elaine at info@renewedlivinginc.com.

Unlock your secrets to living a radiant, extraordinary life today!

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