Home odors can be
hazardous to your wealth

Dear Homeowner or Real Estate Professional,

Did you know that a when a prospective buyer walks into a home, the first thing he or she notices is its smell? What’s the first impression a prospective buyer will get when he or she walks into your home?

Pet odors, cigarette smoke, mold or mildew, or old cooking smells – these make a home feel dirty or rundown, and make a buyer want to turn around and leave! You may think of breaking out the cleaning products, soak carpets in fabric refresher, light some candles, or spray air fresheners, but prospective buyers will know that these fake, chemical smells are just covering something up!

What you need is a home that has NO odors, good or bad! A home that smells clean and fresh, rather than dusty, musty, or like fake vanilla!

You can only get spaces free from all odors with the Air & Surface Pro, a state-of-the-art, whole home air purifier that relies on eco-friendly, ActivePure® Technology to pull impurities from the air and create fresh, clean, pure air that is free illness-causing contaminants and odor-causing bacteria!

Does Your Listing Suffer from PMS?

• Pet odor
• Mold or mildew
• Smoke

The Air & Surface Pro is for you if you are a:

  • Real estate agent or part of a home staging company that wants to make a GREAT first impression!
  • Homeowner who is trying to sell a home and make sure it doesn’t languish on the market!
  • Rental company with vacant properties who want to attract the best tenants!
  • Corporate real estate owner or building manager who wants high-end businesses and companies to invest in space in the building!
  • New homeowner who wants to a fresh start in your new home!
  • Allergy or asthma sufferer and want to reduce the toxins in your home or place of business!
  • A real estate professional who wants to MAKE MORE MONEY!


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Hi, we are Elaine and Nevin Gibson, founders of Renewed Living. Elaine is a public speaker, author and health coach. Nevin is a green technology expert. Together we are 200% committed to creating peace of mind for you, your family and clients.

We are passionate about clean living – we love green juice, raw foods, and nearly all things natural!

We do EVERYTHING in our power to avoid dangerous chemicals, toxicity, and odors… and help you MAKE MORE MONEY.

We surround ourselves with cleanliness, freshness, and purity, and we won’t find any of that with chemical cleaning agents, air fresheners, and odor-removal sprays. Instead, we want to keep my home free from odors, allergens, and bacteria the safe way – by improving the quality of my air!

Let us tell you, the Air & Surface Pro checks every box when it comes to items we ABSOLUTELY recommend!

We are especially amazed at how useful the Air & Surface Pro is for selling a home because of how effective it is at pulling odors from the air, leaving only freshness behind.

Think about showing a home to a prospective buyer. If the first thing they smell is years of built up cigarette smoke, how much interest will they have in that house? Especially if they have children or want to raise a family?


Or what if you are a property manager and are trying to rent a basement apartment, but that musty, mildewy, “basement” smell hits you in the face?

Think of staging a home to sell – you can bring in beautifully designed furnishings, add spa-like elements to the bathrooms, and set vases of fresh-cut flowers around, but if the prospective buyer smells a litter box, none of the other stuff matters!

That’s why we can’t recommend Air & Surface Pro enough — we’ve seen the difference it makes first hand in removing nasty odors and replacing them with clean, purified air. This amazing machine improves the quality of families’ lives by reducing impurities and can does an incredible job of helping real estate agents and homeowners sell a house in no time!

Yes! You have a new listing. And noooo you visit it and are overcome by cigarettes.  On top of that, it is almost vacant = almost all fabric and rugs are already removed . What to do?  They are motivated to sell.  THIS IS THE ANSWER!!  I used this machine for 1 week for a condo that had cigarette odor.  The machine gives off minimal sound (think ‘white noise’), no odor, and is compact.  I am confident that without this machine I would have had the listing sit for weeks, had an upset seller and likely had to reduce the price impacting profit to the client and creating a tense relationship.  I sold the condo in above average time on market with a stellar price.  Cigarette smell issue was SOLVED!!  Thank you and yes, you are in my phone for the next rescue needed.

Angela Delboy / ReMax

Dominique Braggs /  Attorney & daughter

The benefits of the Air & Surface Pro include:

  • Using safe, ActivePure® Technology based on a variation of the technology used on the international space station! ActivePure® is recognized as Certified Space Technology!
  • Reduces airborne contaminants that can cause respiratory problems
  • Removes all types of odors from the air, including from pets, smoke, cigarettes, cooking, and mildew!
  • Purifies the air in up to 3,000 square feet of space!
  • Reduces the amount of dirt and dust in the air, saving you time on cleaning!
  • Allows you to sell your home or rent a property faster and for more money because there are no odors bringing down value or turning away potential buyers or tenants!

Best of all, Air & Surface Pro is a price that more than pays for itself when you sell a home for thousands more than expected and months faster than you estimated!


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I have a home on the market with a big furry dog living there along with a family. After hearing about your product, I decided to give it a try… within 2 days the smell was totally gone. I’m sold. Now I can go about the business of marketing the home and getting it sold. Thank you so much for your marvelous machine. I will spread the word gladly. 

Betty S. Gorman, Long & Foster, Old Town

Used by Realtors, Hospital Sanitation, and School Maintenance, Air & Surface Pro is THE trusted solution for air purification and creating a safer, cleaner, hygienic environment!

Breathe easy
with a fast close!

Penny Newsome / Business owner  

Unlike department store air purifiers, Air & Surface Pro is effective for up to 3,000 square feet — That’s up to 10 times the coverage of many of the air purifiers at Lowe’s, Target, or Home Depot!

If your listings are sitting on the market it may be due to unpleasant smells!

  • Pet urine or litter boxes;
  • Old cooking smells;
  • Mold, mildew, and musty, damp basements;
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke;
  • Toxic chemicals like bleach, paint, or heavy-duty cleaning agents.

These smells and odors turn potential buyers away, causing YOU to lose money! You can try to cover them with air fresheners, fabric refreshers, and candles, but potential buyers will know you’re masking something.

When it comes to home staging, the best smell is no smell at all!

So don’t mask those nasty smells — instead, eliminate these odors with an Air & Surface Pro so buyers can look beyond their nose and see the true beauty or potential of the home they are touring.

One of the biggest turn offs when showing homes is to walk in and be hit with that old musty smell. Whether it is dampness or gorgeous antiques, it’s nice to know there is a solution. Thank you. 

Karen Brown, Weickert Realtors, Burkel Fairfax Station

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I’m a realtor, like all realtors, who occasionally comes across smelly homes that he’s needs to sell.  I recently ran across one in which my client had rented a condo to a family with a penchant for cooking VERY strong smelling foods.  It was overwhelming and I knew it would cost my client thousands of dollars on their sale if they didn’t get rid of the odor, reaffirming the industry attage of “if it smells, it won’t sell”.  We tried deep cleaning with every chemical imaginable and even re-paint the entire unit, but the smell keep coming back.  Final after meeting Nevin, my client and I decided to give his air purifying system a try.  We were admittedly apprehensive because it wasn’t cheap and after doing cleaning and re-painting without success we were skeptical that a little machine the size of a couple shoebox would get the job done.  I even brought Nevin to the unit to check it out, and he assured me it would do the trick.  Desperate, we overcame our skepticism and rented the machine.  We left it running for the weekend, and the smell was completely gone!  It was unbelievable.  I was so happy with the results that I bought one to keep to use in the future.  I had occasion to use it in my own home after one of my kids got sick with the stomach flu overnight and got the same great result.  I’m convinced that every realtor should have one of these!  If you’re a realtor and have a stinky listing coming up that you’re worried about, give Nevin a call!  You’ll be happy you did, and so will your client!

Best regards,

We will remove any home odors
guaranteed or pay nothing!


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