Embracing Your Path To Wellness

A journey of healing, one step at a time.

Within this space, you’ll find the the necessary materials to prepare you for your Welcome Orientation.

We’ve laid out a structured approach to ensure a comprehensive and personalized experience.

Step 1. Program Roadmap

  • Action: Download and print out the program roadmap checklist. Keep it close by.


  • Clarity and Direction: Eliminate guesswork and confusion by having a clear, structured path to follow.
  • Progress Visualization: Track your achievements and milestones, allowing you to see how far you’ve come and what lies ahead.
  • Personalized Experience: The roadmap is tailored to address individual needs, ensuring that your journey remains relevant and meaningful to you.

Step 2. Intake and History Call

This initial conversation is a vital step, allowing us to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your unique experiences and aspirations.
  • Tailor recommendations to enhance your steppingstones to rejuvenation.
  • Assure you have a strong foundation to create a sustainable disease-free lifestyle and longevity.

Support Materials

A) Intake and History Form

Action: Download and complete the Intake and History Form, complete it and email your completed form to wecare@renewedlivinginc.com


  • Holistic Understanding: Allows for a comprehensive grasp of your experiences, ensuring that your healing journey is informed by your unique story.
  • Tailored Solutions: With insights into your history, more precise and relevant strategies can be recommended to aid your healing.
  • Trust and Connection: Sharing your story fosters a deeper bond and understanding between you and your guide or practitioner.

B) Starting Where You Are Form

Action: Download and complete the Starting Where You Are form, complete it and email your completed form to wecare@renewedlivinginc.com


  • Self-awareness Boost: Provides a moment to introspect, understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth.
  • Clear Goal Setting: Establish actionable and tangible goals, offering direction and purpose to your healing journey.
  • Empowered Foundation: Recognizing where you currently stand serves as an empowering reminder that you’ve already taken the first step, providing motivation for the journey ahead.

To ensure we have ample time to review and fully understand your unique journey, please complete and submit all forms at least 3 hours prior to our call. This allows us to prepare thoroughly, ensuring our time together is as productive and enlightening as possible.

Together, we’ll navigate the waves of life and build upon your healing journey ensuring each step is informed, intentional, and impactful.

Here’s to embracing new beginnings and cherishing each milestone on your path to wellness.