How To Shed 2-5 Sizes, Increase Your Energy & Create Optimal Health

Without Giving Up Chocolate Or
Completely Changing Your Lifestyle

Back when I was told I had cancer, I couldn’t breathe. When my medical team told me they did not expect me to see my grandchildren grow up, I was devastated.

If only there was another option besides traditional methods.

Unfortunately the only option presented was an intense regime that would destroy my quality of life that offered me little hope.

It used to be that the only perceived way to heal was flooding your body with chemicals and toxins. I believe that toxins and chemicals contributed to my situation.

And then I discovered, after spending months of research, that cancer grows in the presence of sugar and cannot live in the oxygen.

Eventually I embraced this methodology and cured myself. While fighting for my life, I lost 28 pounds and am healthier than ever before. Today I am a green juice loving grandmother.

Keep reading to discover how you can drop weight, increase energy in a natural and realistic way.

1 ~ Discover The Secrets Your Body Is Whispering To You

Your body whispers often and the message is very loud.

It wants you to have more energy, shed pounds, reduce overwhelm, inflammation, and improve self confidence.

But you are so busy living in the fast lane that you do not hear the whispers.

Some think that experiencing these symptoms are a natural part of aging. This is not true.

But then I discovered a process that resolved the symptoms and this is the key to creating optimal health.

Ultimately when you realize that your health is either a priority early in life or makes itself a priority later in life you can choose to be proactive and give yourself the gift of health.

Watch the video: Are You Waiting For A Crisis?

2 ~ How to lose weight while eating more of what you love (even chocolate).

It used to be that you were told starving yourself was the only way to shed unwanted pounds.

Wanting to stop struggling with your weight…

You followed the fad diets only to see them come and go and realize that they didn’t work for you.

You may have heard prepared packaged foods would save us time and money.

But creating a plant based natural lifestyle allows you to drop the pounds and eat what you enjoy to make the process easier than you ever imagined.

We’ve found that following a proven method is critical in making healthy choices and enjoying this new way of life.

Watch the video: How To Finally Lose 2-5 Sizes Even When Nothing Else Has Worked

3 ~ How To Make Time To Care For Yourself And Be At Your Best

At one point I didn’t have the energy to spend quality time with the people I loved.

I looked for boundless energy, so I could get more out of my day … and my life.

However, I was busy! I did know how to make time for myself to restore my body and soul so that I could show up for others.

I wanted a simple solution that got results … and didn’t require me to make drastic lifestyle changes.

Most people think that feeling exhausted is a natural part of aging. When you take the time to care for yourself and be at your best you can feel better and better everyday.

The thing was I was confused about what to do and needed clarity. Once I had that I was able to make the changes I needed to without sacrificing my productivity or free time.

Self care doesn’t need to be time intensive but intentional. When you are intentional about caring for yourself you can show up and restore your energy to perform at your best.

If anything by taking the time to do self care my productivity INCREASED as a result.

Finally I started waking up refreshed before the alarm ever went off.

Watch the video: Self Care is Not Selfish

What’s Next?

Schedule Your Healthy Again Discovery Session

1 – Joy.

Discover how to bring self care into your busy life, even when you do not think you have the time.

2 – Vitality

Learn how to naturally create more energy, shed unwanted pounds to look and feel ten years younger.

3. Optimal Health.

Develop a plan with my proven process to attain and maintain a disease free healthy lifestyle.

A lot of people say that they are too busy to learn anything new but having a proven process for your health ends up saving time and money.

What’s hard is carrying unwanted pounds, feeling exhausted, confused and frustrated or facing health issues.

Then spending time and money on fads and one size fits all solutions.

Which is why I put together the Healthy Again Discovery Session.

Our clients have created new healthy patterns and habits so that the wellness and confidence they desire become an everyday occurrence rather than a dream.

I thought I didn’t have time to introduce new concepts into my life… I was wrong.

“It is never too late to make positive changes. Open your mind and your heart and allow Elaine’s inspiration and knowledge be the catalyst for the progression to a healthy you. I, like many others, lead a hectic life. I thought I didn’t have time to introduce new concepts and activities into my life, it was just too much effort. I was wrong. With Elaine’s assistance and understanding, the small steps of change I took have now become an integral part of my routine. I no longer see the future desired changes as large an unachievable.

Take care of yourself, you deserve it. And so do those who love you.”


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