Somewhere Over the Rainbow
… dreams that you dare to dream really do come true!

Four times a year we invite you to get away from your 
busy life and treat yourself to a wonderful day.
Let us pamper and spoil you healthy!

The Renewed Living Workshop Series brings you a holistic, comprehensive way to view your life. My mission is to help women create Extraordinary Health, an Extraordinary Life and find their Extraordinary Soul …so they can increase their impact in the world.

Your seasonal whole-life overhaul

This workshop is for you if:

You want to holistically revitalize your physical, mental, and emotional well being.

You want to create harmony and balance between all areas of your life.

You want to learn from experts in the fields of leadership, mindfulness, and Extraordinary Living.

You want to look and feel stronger, rejuvenated and more alive than ever before!

Once you begin to make better choices, you learn how to play on a bigger stage (personally and professionally) you begin to make better choices in all areas of your life, living a healthy lifestyle and working on finding your inner strength and soul, you suddenly start to make more money, achieve greater health and increase your impact in the world. You begin to renew your health, feeling happier, more filled with joy, and closer to the true person you really are.

Join us on Thursday, October 25, 2018, at The The Tower Club for this incredibly powerful, holistic workshop that will change the way you see food, business, mental wellness, emotional stability, healthy living and so much more.

Indulge your taste buds while you…

• Learn to make more money

• Find out how to achieve greater health

• Increase your impact on the world

“I had the privilege of presenting as a keynote speaker at Elaine’s inaugural Renewed Living workshop/luncheon, and I stayed for the entire event. Her event execution was superb. Elaine’s passion for health & wellness, and her willingness to share her own health journey for the benefit of others, contributed to an authentic, educational, and highly engaging experience. In addition, I followed up with Elaine after her event with specific questions, and she quickly responded. Elaine’s focus fills a void in a crowded event planning market. Her information was relevant, useful, and actionable. I look forward to investing my valuable time to attend her future events.”

– Marissa Levin


“Sponsoring and attending Renewed Living’s workshop series is an honor and a joy. Being in the same room with incredible souls who are there to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary is quite inspiring. The knowledge Elaine and her speakers share can be implemented immediately and the connections made are priceless.”

– Mali Phonpadith, SOAR Community Networ

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The Tower Club, Tysons, VA
11:00 am-3:30 pm – Educational Workshop & Lunch
3:30-5:00 PM – Pampering, Shopping, Chocolate Truffles and a Bit of Champagne!

“Elaine brings together such wonderful people along with her attention to detail in how she wants her audience to feel pampered. Educational, informational, fun, with the best food ever.”

– Sharon Smith


Elaine Gibson, Renewed Living

Cited as One of the Top 10 Most Inspirational Natural Cancer Survivors by Extreme Health Radio (#4), she is proof that lifestyle matters. Having beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, Elaine shares her hard-won lessons so that you can lose weight, have more energy and take charge of your life so that you can look and feel better than ever. Once she began making healthy changes she lost 28 pounds and dropped 4-5 sizes. Take a deeper look at the rules you are following and explore how to break free. Unleash your personal style … Dance, jive, and have the time of YOUR life!


Jen Dalton

Tina Johnson

Shelly Young

Join these extraordinary women for an insightful conversation as we explore and grow together

Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
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 January 23 – Defying Gravity
April 26 – Dancing Queen
July 26 – The Greatest Love of All
October 25 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Tower Club, Tysons, VA • 11:00 am – 5:00 pm