The Laser Focus coaching is a unique unlimited coaching program. These calls are designed to keep you moving forward with support and accountability.  

As you progress through the Radiance Effect Course Materials there will be times when you become stuck, or resistant to act on the advice.

That’s where the Laser Focus calls come in.

This coaching is for live one-on-one coaching with Elaine Gibson. We meet on Zoom or phone and agree on an action plan to move you forward.

️Schedule as many 15-minute laser focus coaching sessions as you wish over the next six months. You must complete your agreed upon action items before scheduling your next session. You can also reach out via email if you need help with your plan or have another call if I need new assignment.

And don’t worry, if you get stuck on the homework or need support between calls,

I’m just an email away.

We’ll discuss it and come up with a solution to remove your blocks or issues.

Once you have carried out the recommended action plan, we have agreed to you should be able to continue to make progress.

The next time you find yourself stuck book your next 15-minute call with me.

The Rules Are Simple:

Only bring ONE issue to the call and you can only book the next call when you have taken the action we decide upon in the previous call.

️At the end of our call, and each call thereafter, we’ll agree on “homework” that will move you forward and keep you accountable.

️Once your homework is complete, you can schedule your next 15-minute call.

After each call, I’ll send you a recording of the call, confirmation of your
homework, and a link to schedule your next call.

Every 90 Days:

To assure that you are making progress and enrich support and accountability, we will have a bonus 30 minute “State of the Union” session.
Here we will:

Review your progress

️Set your next plan

️Measure your progress

️Identify your next actions

We are dedicated to your success and honor your commitment to taking action and getting results.


When You Know Better, You Do Better

– Maya Angelou