Presented by Elaine Gibson, creator of The Radiance Effect Factor

The 3-diet industry lies that are keeping you overweight, frustrated and yo yo dieting

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How Women 45+ Can Drop 2-5 Sizes, Reduce Cravings, and
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In this in-depth training, you will learn:

The #1 reason diets don’t work, especially for women in perimenopause or menopause!

The unmistakable signs your body is operating in “crisis mode,” and how to quickly recover!

Why eating fewer calories won’t help you lose weight or increase your energy and what to do instead!

How adding 3 of my favorite things will give you all day energy and release those stubborn extra pounds!

And even more!

Meet Elaine Gibson

When Elaine Gibson was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she knew traditional treatments weren’t right for her. She chose a holistic method of healing that allowed her to reverse cancer and experience renewed living! Today, she is not only cancer-free, at 75, she’s at the peak of health, energy, and well-being!

Her gift and purpose is empowering women over 45 to reclaim the health, confidence, and energy that seem to fade during and after menopause. She shows women that gaining weight and “feeling old” isn’t destined to happen and shows them a better path toward Extraordinary Living.

Cited as One of the Top 10 Most Inspirational Natural Cancer Survivors by Extreme Health Radio (#4), Elaine Gibson is proof that lifestyle matters. She has been prominently featured in VA Woman Magazine, Holistic Lifestyle, Integrated Health Magazine and several documentaries. She has spoken at The Virginia Health & Wellness Summit, Unscripted Power, Cure 2 Cancer Conferences, Women in Sales Conference, Take Back Your Health Conferences in VA and CA, Women in Financial Services, The Vitality Summit, and the important Global Cancer Symposium.

This surprisingly simple solution helps many women get lasting weight loss results and feel more energy than they have in years.

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