If you’re not upset about GMOs then you’re probably not aware of what they are and the magnitude of damage they inflict on your health and the planet.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism.  The “clever” idea was to combine the genes of different fruits and vegetables (and even animal DNA) to improve their qualities and nutritional content. Think of combining the genes of a carrot to those of a banana to make the banana produce beta carotenes, supposedly making the banana more nutritious.

The genes of vegetable seedlings are also spliced with with toxic pesticides and herbicides so that they will be “naturally” resistant to worms and weeds. Genetically modified plants also have the lifespan of only one year so that farmers and food corporations would have to keep on buying new seeds from Mosanto, including Monsanto-patented herbicides such as Roundup to spray their seeds with . Genetically engineered foods were created with the intention of ultimately monopolizing super crops such as soy, corn, and potatoes.

Evidence shows that foods laden with pesticides are much less nutritious than their organic counterparts. Genetically modified foods are therefore no exception. So the claim that GMOs are supposed to be more nutritious due to their genetic “enhancement” is a complete hoax.

The following are common GM foods:

  • soy and soy products (flour, oil, lecithin, tofu, tempeh, TVP or textured vegetable protein, soy sauce, soy milk
  • corn and corn products (flour, oil, starch, chips, meal, grits, polenta, pasta, high fructose corn syrup)
  • potato (flour, chips, fries)
  • cottonseed oil
  • sugar beets (beet-derived cane sugar)
  • salmon
  • canola oil
  • rice
  • squash
  • peanuts
  • bell peppers
  • papaya
  • tomatoes
  • peas


Animals that are fed GM corn such as cows, hens, and pigs. Burgers, eggs, milk, chicken nuggets, and other products derived from animals fed with genetically modified foods are also very unsafe to consume.

The health dangers in consuming GM foods include:

  • cancer. Genetically modified foods can trigger mutagenesis or the mutation of normal cells into unhealthy ones
  • infertility
  • allergies
  • disrupted immune function
  • higher infant mortality
  • birth defects
  • stunted growth


Genetically modified foods are also very bad for the planet because the overuse of pesticides in GM foods poison the soil and strips it of nutrients. The health of the animals consuming genetically engineered foods are also endangered, harming the planet’s delicate ecological balance.

The problem is that food companies are not required to identify whether a large percentage or all of their ingredients are genetically modified. Do you know which foods contain the biggest amounts of GM ingredients? Your children’s foods. Chocolates, chips, cereals, snack bars, ice cream, and candies contain genetically modified food ingredients. Click here for several books to help with planning for children.

Protect yourself from GMOs by buying only organically grown produce and livestock. Choose only certified organic products when you buy foods and snacks in the supermarket. Patronize your local organic farmers and buy from farmers markets as often as possible. Start your own organic garden and grow your own foods. It would also good if we get our act together and demand for mandatory GMO labelling on all products. Supporting organizations with anti-GMO causes is also one great move towards putting an end to genetically modified foods and products.

Help stop the madness by informing your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors about the dangers of GMOs.

Lastly, alkalize your body by drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline foods. They help the body cleanse itself after inadvertently or unknowingly consuming GM foods (you really never know these days).

With proper education and diet we can all put an end to GMOs!

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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