Ways to Sneak Wellness into Your Workday

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FREQUENTLY I hear that staying on track and making healthy choices consistently is just to overwhelming due to our crazy schedules. Somehow, crazy has become the new normal and this often leads to lowering our personal standards. Now that is crazy! Daily workouts and healthy eating can be quite challenging to fit into a busy schedule. Often, this causes us to throw our hands up [...]

On the Way to Meet with Nevin Gibson & Dorri Scott

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As someone who has beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to bring my plant based, high alkaline high raw lifestyle into every phase of my day.  You do not have to cancer  to understand how important your immune system is. All too often I witness men and women going through life serious about feeding their mind and ignoring [...]

(Video) Tips From My Hotel Room to Help You Stay Healthy When You Travel

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Preparing for travel can quite honestly, throw me in to a spiral for days. Three days prior to leaving, I am trying on clothes, making piles and changing my mind. Why is it that I feel so frazzled when planning my wardrobe?  Then for these few days my bedroom has clothes, shoes and  accessories all over. While I share this, I hope I am no alone! Interestingly, [...]

(Video) How to be Healthy While You Enjoy the Outdoors

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Sometimes, preparing for a relaxing day out of the house can actually be overwhelming. There is often so much to get ready and staying healthy on the go takes planning.   This is why we prepared this video for you. As I was fighting for my life and beating stage IV cancer without traditional protocols, I HAD to learn how to make good choices. I HAD [...]

4 Energy Filled Juices

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About 2 years ago I fell in love with hiking! More adventures for this city girl from New York. Nevin and I often go on what we call our "adventures". Nevin usually plans them so  more often than not, they include outdoor activities that are sometimes more difficult than I expect. Since we live in Virginia, right outside of Washington, DC, the Potomac River and [...]

Delicious Easy Alkaline Mushroom Wrap

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Elaine Gibson, coming to you from Renewed Living in our kitchen sitting room. I want to share with you a variation on a theme that I saw today at Cheesecake Factory. I was having lunch with a friend and she ordered lettuce wraps, and they substituted portobello mushrooms instead of chicken. So, I thought, oh my goodness, I cannot wait to get home and make [...]

Healthy & Raw On The Go!

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Healthy & Raw On The Go   ~   NY Trip 3/09/12 Hello, Elaine Gibson here, Renewed Living!  Listen, I’m just getting ready to go on a road trip for twenty four hours.  It’s Saturday, March 9th, and I’m heading up to New York City.  Tomorrow is Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament. I like to go up to the Studio; my son, Seth is a CBS [...]

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