What is the true secret to vibrant health and well-being?

Isn’t that just the age-old question that we can make ourselves crazy trying to find the answer to, when maybe there isn’t an answer at all? With all of the fad diets, “magic” cures and quick fixes shoved in our faces everyday, how do we know what to believe and what information to trust? How do we know what is real and what is a passing trend?


How about taking a new approach a fresh perspective? Rather than choosing to be overwhelmed by the influx of information and options available, choose to simplify and focus on what is known at a fundamental level to be true- less is more.


While fighting for my life and beating stage IV cancer without traditional protocols, I found myself in the midst of way too much information. When I began to clear my mind and heart, the answers flowed. Now I am finding time to see and experience the little things and finding that this leads to bigger and better.

Each day is a new dawn with new possibilities to learn, grow and celebrate.

The more we can simplify our lives to focus on the things that are truly and deeply meaningful to us and see each day as an opportunity to embody our truest values, the better our lives become. Obstacles will be thrown at us everyday from every angle imaginable, and yet we have the power to decide how much they affect us and how we respond to their challenges.
lady manifest


Each day is an invitation to manifest the life you want to lead, to be the greatest version of yourself possible.

This will mean something different to everyone, as we are all unique beings filled with infinite opportunities to create well-being and vibrant health.

For me, this means finding moments of joy in the small details, like singing to my delicious sprouts as they grow. Infusing them with love will translate into more nutritious for my body and spirit.


I invite you to seize this moment, fill it with whatever your heart desires, and reap the benefits.


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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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