Since I have found the high alkaline lifestyle, after beating stage IV cancer without traditional protocols, I rarely eat meat, poultry or fish anymore. Thanksgiving is one of those exceptions. It is my favorite holiday and I adore being with my family and friends. I just love that we are all focusing our energy on being thankful and grateful. It is a powerful day and I embrace these feelings with great love.

Selecting organic  grass fed products is important when possible. Quite by accident, several years ago, I discovered the secret to the best roast turkey ever.


It is so powerful that I created a video for you. Enjoy!

Transcription below:

Hello, Elaine Gibson, Renewed Living!  It’s Turkey Day, it’s Thanksgiving and I do the turkey every year and I want to share with you a secret that will make you the STAR of any dinner that you make, whether it be turkey or chicken or vegetables or fruit, whether it be raw or sometimes we will have cooked and, since I am not a vegan, we do have eat turkey on Thanksgiving. We don’t do it often but I do on Thanksgiving.  Okay, here’s the secret – RINSE IT IN ALKALINE WATER. Let me say this again, rinse your turkey, your chicken, your fish, your vegetables, your fruits, anything you’re washing, put it in alkaline water.  What I actually do with the turkey is I’ll take a paper towel, put it in about 8.5/9 alkaline water, cover it for about a half hour….you will NOT believe – because it hydrates the chicken or the turkey or anything else that you’re doing.  The taste is unbelievable.  I actually discovered this by accident about five years ago when I started using and getting committed to alkaline water.   And it became SO amazing that nobody else is allowed to bring the turkey on Thanksgiving.  So I wanted to pass that little tip on to you and leave a comment below with any other ways that you might use your alkaline water.  Have a happy, grateful, wonderful day. Enjoy!

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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