Connections with others is  important on so many levels.  Without them we experience loneliness and isolation. Not good for anyone.

Summer gatherings with friends and family are a wonderful way to engage and stay connected. A perfect time to disconnect from the fast paced life we lead. Sometimes, before we even realize it, days and / or weeks have flown by.

As someone who has beaten Stage 4 NHL without traditional protocols, I totally understand how crucial good choices is. Today I am healthier and stronger, making time for fun, connection and enjoying peace of mind. Being with loved ones on a fun simple outing is special. Bringing fresh seasonal foods into our lives has so many benefits. Prevention is key. Making good choices is key. Shedding 28 pounds and 4 sizes was  an unexpected welcome bonus!

Dining outside on a warm summer night is one of my favorite parts of the season — from picnics at the park to big backyard barbecue gatherings, many memories are made as we gather around a table to enjoy the fruits of the harvest together.

Unfortunately, much of what we put out on the grill isn’t so good for us.

Here are several  healthier options than the typical hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs. Your guests will appreciate them… and so will waistline!

1. Marinated grilled chicken or tofu

Undeniably, grilled chicken/tofu is a healthy choice.  All you need is a great healthy marinade and you’re all set. With so many different marinades to choose from and various herbs to combine for different flavors, you won’t get bored with this option.

2. Grilled veggies

Even if you regularly fill your plate with veggies, nothing stands out better than the grilled variety. Grab Portobello mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, and bell peppers and roast them over the open flame. A little misting of avocado oil will keep them from sticking or becoming soggy. Skip the bread here and load your plate.

3. Turkey or Veggie Burgers

Instead of ground beef, make your burgers with ground turkey.  They taste much lighter and won’t leave you dragging afterward.  Or you can opt for a veggie burger if you want a meat-free option.  When making veggie burgers, watch the filler.

4. Fajita kabobs

Take your love of fajitas outdoors by skewering marinated peppers and onions.  If you’re a meat eater, add some grilled chicken to your skewers.  Add a little fajitas seasoning, and you’ll have a feisty barbecue dish that brings all the flavor while being kind to your health.

5. Grilled watermelon

Watermelon is a summer barbecue staple. And while it’s already good for you, tossing slices of it onto your grill is a game-changer for the palate. No one will need a sugary dessert with a treat this good.

6. Grilled fish

Fresh fish on the grill evokes images of an island vacation. No matter where you live, you can make your own version of paradise by taking fish, wrapping it with veggies like asparagus in foil packets, and throwing it atop the flames. The best part is you can use any fish you like, though the fresher, the better. Try salmon, mahi-mahi, tilapia, or tuna.

7. Cauliflower steaks on the grill

Cauliflower…is there anything it can’t do? When sliced into thick steaks, you can marinate it and grill it. Like Portobello mushrooms, it has a very meaty quality while being 100% plant-based and perfect for any meatless guests.

8. Shrimp skewers

And finally, I’d love to remind you that shrimp on the barbie not only tastes fantastic but is also a healthy barbecue dish for your summer shindigs. Marinate them, skewer them, put them on the grill, and enjoy!


What’s your favorite backyard bbq dish?  Hit reply and let me know, I’m always excited to get some new ideas.

In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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