Dr. Eric Etka and Elaine Gibson

Hi, this is Dr. Eric Etka and I’m sitting here with Elaine Gibson; she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and she has an interesting way of looking at life and taking care of her health. I just wanted you to get an idea of how she did these things. I’m going to ask her some questions and we’ll get started. She has this interesting idea, and you can explain it to them, that you don’t know what you don’t know. What is that?

Elaine: Well, it has actually become my whole mantra, my whole understanding. We get in trouble when we do the things that are not good for us, but we don’t know what we don’t know. And four years ago, actually February of 2008, I found myself relapsed. I was in Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I thought I was being healthy! I mean, I really did. I had a very quick, done-with episode in 2002. I was clean in six months, you know, I was eating right. I ate a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables; less fruit, but a lot of vegetables…

Dr. Etka: So you had already made a lot of changes…

Elaine: I made A LOT of changes…

Dr. Etka: And then… it came back…

Elaine: It came back and it was an “oh my goodness” comeback and I didn’t know how, so here is what I did. I took a deep breath, that’s the first thing I did. And I looked up like this and I said, “What do you want me to learn?” and my journey began. I realized that I didn’t know what I didn’t know! So here’s what I learned…

Dr. Etka: Yeah, you’ve taught me so much, too. You really have. It’s amazing because just being a chiropractor and being a doctor and knowing about wellness and knowing about the proactive choices that we take also. And then when you came into my life, you took it to the next level. And everybody I talk to about you, I share and I just kind of like to brag about you but it’s amazing to be next to you to hear that you were doing it at such a better level than anyone else. And then you even went… a little bit more and then you’ve really, really… now, you’ve busted it wide open. So that’s why I want to know what you learned.

Elaine: Well, it’s so exciting…I’m, I don’t want to say obsessed because that makes it sound like I’m crazy, but I’m surrounded, I’m engulfed in this feeling of being alive and being healthy. I actually feel like I’ve woken up from a deep sleep.

Dr. Etka: We could tell that as soon as we came in. (laughter)

Elaine: Could you? (laughter) When you and Angie came to visit us today? And here’s what I learned. Disease…Cancer…really has just a couple of things that creates it. So, if your body is acidic and you don’t have enough oxygen for yourself, you’re going to get sick. So, I read that. You know, when I got sick, I had to go from place to place looking through stuff, because the information isn’t in one door…

Dr. Etka: It’s all spread out…

Elaine: It’s all spread out, it’s all spread out. So it all came down to that, if we have an alkaline environment in our bodies, if we eat alkaline, if we drink alkaline water…when I started to drink alkaline water and incorporating that…as I was getting better, it took it to another level. All of a sudden, my cells were filled with oxygen. Because what I learned is that Cancer is an anaerobic disease. Cancer cells are anaerobic, which means there is no oxygen. So when the body is filled with oxygen, filled with alkalinity, it is so easy to embrace…you can’t get that, you can’t have…Cancer cells can’t live that way…

Dr. Etka: No, they can’t thrive in that oxygen environment…

Elaine: Absolutely!

Dr. Etka: It just kind of just takes care of it all of the way…

Elaine: Exactly! So, that was the easiest thing in the world to do. Once I understood that and once I owned that information, the rest, it was over. The rest was easy! So, am I going to eat an acidic food/meal or am I going to eat an alkaline food? Well, do I want to get Cancer again? Do I want anybody to get Cancer? No!

Dr. Etka: It’s an easy choice now…

Elaine: It’s SO easy, because it’s real. It’s not…there’s no paralysis, there’s no decision, there’s no making an incorrect, dangerous decision through ignorance.

Dr. Etka: What about folks who say, Oh that’s never going to happen to me, or something like that. I’ve also heard people say well, as long as you take care of your body, you act as if…act as if you may get heart disease or as if you may get cancer. Now, a lot of folks…I mean, it takes a lot of work and energy to do what you do on a regular basis. There are certain things you’ve learned to make it easier because, let’s face it- being well is not the easiest thing in the world; we really have to do lots of different things that most people aren’t used to doing. So, how have you made it easier for yourself?

Elaine: Well, it’s such an interesting point. I think it’s not easy…people make bad choices because they don’t know what the good choices are. We make a decision to eat every day. So if eating can be so impactful on your health, then it’s just a question of what are you going to eat? What meal are you going to prepare? Because everyone is in the mode of eating anyway. So, if you know not to have sugar and you know not to have processed food or white flour and stuff like that…when you go into a store, even if you’re going to get a sandwich or something, well, you can get pumpernickel bread, you can get low glycemic bread, rather than white bread, or wheat bread or something…they are easy shifts. They are very, very easy shifts. The other thing is that people think, okay, everybody needs to eat five fruits and vegetables. No! Eat five fruits? That’s really dangerous, because that’s all sugar! Oops!

Dr. Etka: I get that a lot when we talk to our patients about not eating fruits or fruit juice, which is really 180 degrees from what they’ve heard.

Elaine: Exactly.

Dr. Etka: So they don’t understand how quickly the sugars go into their fat cells and the fact that cancer loves sugar.

Elaine: It’s the only thing they eat!

Dr. Etka: So, it’s interesting where a lot of people in America, they are carbohydrate addicts, and that’s sugar, and then we see cancer going through the roof. What I was thinking about when you were talking, is where you were really, really motivated to make these changes. Now, if somebody else isn’t as motivated right now, how are they going to be able to incorporate a couple of these things into their life?

Elaine: Well, they may not be motivated because they’re not faced with death the way I was. I mean, most people don’t survive what I had. And that’s pretty scary! But I never went there. I never thought I was going to die! I just really felt I’d been tapped on the shoulder and told, we have a journey you need to take; this is what you’re here for. And it may sound a little “woo-woo”, but I really believe that, through me, people will have the ability to learn how to be healthier. So, it’s easy – if you’re going to have one fruit, you need to have four vegetables to counteract that. If you’re going to go for a snack, go for a salad or go for, um…I love to take red peppers. I just cut them up and I take them, I eat them….I used to eat potato chips all of the time, now I eat green peppers or stuff like that. But this is easy! If you’re going to have fruit, aside from being sure that it’s in season and it’s organic, be sure that you have enough vegetables to counteract it. So, that’s a very, very easy thing to do. The other thing that is really easy to do is to drink a lot of water, and drink a lot of alkaline water. It’s got to be alkaline, iodized, all of that stuff, so it’s a very easy decision to make. People who drink water, people who eat, it doesn’t get simpler than that. So, what I’m trying to do and what we’re trying to do, which is why we created Renewed Living, is a place where people can come for all of the information because I want you to have total control, for you, for Angel, for the boys, for the family, for your patients, for everybody. And it really is so much easier to be healthy!

Dr. Etka: So, all of the information we’re talking about that’s spread out everywhere, other doctors, natural and past medical doctors, we’re going to bring it to one website, to one company where someone can go to get everything they need. Right?

Elaine: Right.

Dr. Etka: I don’t want to say one-stop shop, but it’s kind of like, here are the foods, here’s the preparation, here are the labels, here’s the best stuff, here’s a better choice than this, like you said before, and there’s a new book, too, right?

Elaine: There’s a new book. There are lots of new books! There are lots of courses to come! We are so excited about bringing Renewed Living to the world that, like I said, I feel like I’ve woken up from a deep sleep. I want the world to wake up and dance with me, too!

Dr. Etka: They will.

Elaine: They will. It’s really funny, Eric, I just want to tell you that, you know that I’ve got grown children….they are, because of what they’ve seen me doing, my son juices every day, green juicing every single day. He takes it to work all of the time; he’s never without it. His family is eating better. My daughter has always been healthy but now, again, we didn’t know what we didn’t know, so she’s into other healthier things as well. And so, it really infiltrates. And just one other point I found is that I have a lot of people that are vegans that are coming to me now and saying, I’m a vegan, but I’m still a junk food eater. So, you can be a vegan, and not be eating that healthy because you can have a very acidic diet…

Dr. Etka: And it’s not going to help them…

Elaine: Exactly. And I’m finding that that’s a big population that is being attracted to me.

Dr. Etka: Health food vegans.

Elaine: Right. Dog food vegans. Right, right. So we’re doing a lot of teaching and educating. We go into companies and businesses now. We go into centers, homes, whatever. So, we’re excited. We hope that lots of people come to Renewed Living.

Dr. Etka: You’re awesome.

Elaine: (laughter) You’re not so bad yourself!

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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