As someone who has beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to bring my plant based, high alkaline high raw lifestyle into every phase of my day.  You do not have to cancer  to understand how important your immune system is. All too often I witness men and women going through life serious about feeding their mind and ignoring how serious it is to feed our cells too!

Yes, I have seen folks reading wonderful books and listening to fabulous podcasts while eating foods that steal their health.

Live your life with the intention of creating the BEST VERSION of yourself! The world needs you right now.


Below is a video I made for you while I was in my car on the way to meet my husband, Nevin Gibson, and my dear friend Dorri Scott.

Enjoy and be sure to let us know how you create your best you.


Elaine Gibson with where extraordinary health is made easy at any age. So I wanted to bring you a couple of tips because it’s what I do. I am on my way to the tower club to meet with Nevin and with Dory Scott, who is the publisher of Virginia Women, to talk about a photo shoot for the May-June issue where I will be on a cover and Nevin and I will have a story in the spread in the inside. Anyway, how cool is that? Running out absolutely frantic because I lost track of the time, and I want to show you what I grabbed today. I have discovered: no, I’m not vegan and I’m not a vegetarian and I need some protein and I need it in this form.

So here is roast turkey that’s freshly sliced off the breast bone from whole food. I really do not like to eat processed food. I don’t care who makes it, if I can make it fresh, that’s what I’m going to do. So when you are getting a sandwich meal or anything like that please be sure to look and see if they have an option where you can get fresh off the bone. So usually I just wrap it around some avocado and sprouts or whatever, but literally, I’m in the car, so I’m going to be eating it in the car. I have my celery and my carrots in my ready pack, they’re really easy to eat in a car, maybe I shouldn’t eat in the car so much, but don’t judge me, I do. So celery and carrots, I always have them ready in the refrigerator. I have my bars that are from ‘two moms’ in a row, and I keep them with me. If I feel like having a bar, that’s what I eat. Yesterday I made a gallon of my own juice, I love it, and it’s so good, so I have that with me of course. And I have my alkaline water with me and I’m safe. I feel awesome.

Listen, I am so committed to having your back and your waistline. When it comes to creating a life that you want, I know it’s so frustrating to put on those extra pounds, to not have enough energy, and just not to feel at the top of your game. That’s what I’m here for, that’s what we do, and that’s why I do these crazy videos for you. I’ve been where you are, I just want you to have your best bodies, and you can do best work, and live the best life. Want some more tips? Want to talk to me? Elaine Gibson from is always wishing you and yours a healthy and a grateful day. 

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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P.P.S. If you have enjoyed this information and can think of someone that would be well served to receive the information, please share.

P.P.S. If you have enjoyed this information and can think of someone that would be well served to receive the information, please share.