True confessions , I sing to my sprouts!

Honest..just ask Nevin. While I was fighting for my life to beat Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, I attended The Raw Food Institute in October 2011 and met Lisa Wilson. It was here I learned about living foods and fell in love with sprouts. This is also where I was introduced to my green juice.



Since then I have learned to make my own sprouts in less than 30 seconds a day . This is so important to me that  I have included it in my Box of Extraordinary  and even made a video for you.


Hello, Elaine Gibson here with Renewed Living. As you know we are on a never ending search to help you create alkaline, oxygen-rich lifestyle. It’s got to be easy, simple for you to have disease prevention vitality in you. So, sprouts are just one of the most important things that we can do and sometimes it could be very intimidating. So, I just want to show you my favorite discovery.

First of all, the sprout that I use is Victorio and I will have a link right below this but I wanted you to see this. It’s a four dish tower and all I am doing is– Now I am making mung and lentils, green lentils; sprouting them both. I have just put them together in each of the four plates. Now this is the water from yesterday’s watering and rinsing.

So, here is what I do: This is day-2. This is the second day. And as you can see, we have already started to get some wonderful results. This does not take very long. And one of the secrets that we use in our home is that we use alkaline water. It will hydrate and enhance the time and the quality that you get. So, you ready? This is how easy it is. This is all I am doing. That’s it. This water will trickle down and all I am doing is putting it right in my cupboard, and tomorrow morning we’ll do another rinse and probably give it one more day and then we will have beautiful expanding fresh living sprouts. We hope you will embrace doing some easy sprouts because they are incredibly healthy. Wishing you a healthy and a grateful day.

Hello, Elaine Gibson here. Renewed Living. And we are on the final stages of having our sprouts; our mung bean and our green lentil sprouts all ready to use. Recalling in the video piece right before this, yesterday we watered them in my favorite tower; the Victorio tower, which of course the link is in here. This is really the best one that I have found. And I want you really to embrace how easy this is because the living foods and your sprouts are really key to a complete alkaline lifestyle; which as you know, is so important to well being and your optimal health. So, here we are. Yesterday we put them up in the cabinet and today after two days of sprouting, this is what we have. These sprouts have been going at it for about 48 hours. It’s remarkable. The secret to the fabulous sprouting is the use of alkaline water. So for about six hours I put them in a container and I soak them in alkaline water, then I split them up in the tower. And as you saw yesterday, I just covered it, rinsed it, and then we did it two days, twice, and then this is what we have. So all I am going to do now is take the completed sprouts, put them in a bowl. I’m doing the whole process ‘cause I really want you to see how easy it is.

This is definitely something; great, great returns on your effort. And here is the water that came from the tower when I was rinsing them. And to take my trustee alkaline water, rinse them off in here. Just let them soak for a couple of minutes. I will put them into a strainer. How beautiful is that? That is just amazing. Two days’ worth of sprouting. From here I will just put them into a container from the straining and rinsing. Put them into my refrigerator and keep them—cover them. Obviously you put them in there. And they actually will even continue to sprout but—I use them on everything. I use them on wraps. I use them in soups. I use them in smoothies. I use them in juice.

I use them on cereal. I use them on dessert. I use them on salads. I use them on everything, even breakfast! So I hope that you will embrace this important piece of a very, very healthy lifestyle.

And please comment below and just let us know how your sprouting is going and how you are using your sprouts. As always, we wish you a healthy and a grateful day from Renewed Living.

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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