Distractions (i.e. the real world!) ever getting in your way and sabotaging your goals to make good choices? Me too.

I created this 5 minute video for you to a share a powerful yet easy technique I use to keep help me stay clear and thus in charge.


Hello! Elaine Gibson here with www.RenewedLivingInc.com, where Extraordinary Health is Made Easy. I want to share something with you. In 2008, I was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer. I found myself in Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma over 6 years after being clean. It was a surprise to me and my medical team. So, I went on a journey because I knew that traditional protocols was just not for me and I went on a journey to find out what the foundation of health is really all about. Every stone I looked under revealed that it’s all about your immune system, it’s all about a strong immune system. So, everything I do, everything I talk to you about, everything I write about, everything I learn about is how to support that immune system. One of the most important things to understand is that you and I need to have a reason to stay laser focused.

One of the things that I love doing most in my life is riding the carousel with my amazing granddaughter, Devon, who as I speak to you now is past 11. Since Devon is the youngest of my daughter’s children, we’ve been riding carousels and doing fun things for years and years and years. So, when Devon was about 6-months-old, I started to take her on the carousels and she loved it. Of course, she started on my lap and any chance to have a wonderful hug is always a blessing and a plus. So, through the years riding the carousel has become our thing. We find them all over and whenever we can we do it together.

In the fall my husband Nevin, Devon and I, try to say that fast three times, Nevin and Devon. You never know whose going to answer when you call one of them. Anyway, we live right outside of Washington D.C., so we went down to Washington D.C. We rode this incredible, historic carousel. Devon and I were on the carousel together just having an amazing time. Actually, Nevin snapped one of the best pictures of me and Devon. I have that picture framed on my desk and I look at it all the time.

What I would like to do is invite you to think for a moment : WHAT IS YOUR CAROUSEL?

What’s one of those things in your heart that’s so deep that when you turn to it, keeps you on track because you want to be your best self to give to them always? So, what I invite you to do again is not only figure out what that is but start to embrace what a strong immune system starts to look like.

Listen, I know how it can be, how exhausted you are. I know how overworked you are. I know how overwhelmed you are and I know how challenging it can be to figure out what To I do next.

“Okay Elaine, I know strong immune system, what in the world am I supposed to do?”

Here’s your first tip:

I invite you, to start your day with a cup of warm lemon water and cayenne pepper. Yep, warm lemon water with cayenne pepper. If you think you’re too busy. If you think you don’t want to bother just get on that carousel. Figure out what your carousel and then every day, every week, every month. Whatever it is, you’ll start to add one thing and another, and another. And before you know it you’re going to start to feel like a million dollars and really that’s what I want for you.

So what I would love you to do is share in the comments below, share with us what’s your carousel? What is your carousel that will keep you going, keep you on track and the story that you can always go to. I want to, as always, wish you from our home to yours a healthy and a grateful day. Go have fun on that carousel, someone’s counting on you.

Please use the comment section below to share your thoughts and ideas. We LOVE hearing from you!

In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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