Sometimes we can become so overwhelmed by our day to day activities that even preparing a healthy salad becomes too much to think about and we find ourselves grabbing for something we retreat eating hours later and then we wonder why we have challenges shedding pounds.

This is when crazy becomes our new normal. My mission is to take you from crazy to extraordinary!


The answer to this yo-yo is summed up in one word CLARITY. This is why I have created a 2 minute video for you.


Hi! Elaine Gibson here with I just want to take a second to show you how easy we make it here. I just came back from yoga so I’m drinking plenty of alkaline water to re hydrate to be sure that I don’t get cramps or whatever. Just always doing this. So, so many times people say to me, “Elaine, I get it. You’re healthy, you’re relentless but it’s really not easy to do and sometimes it’s a pain.” No, it’s a bigger pain when you’re sick. Let me share with you how easy we make it here.

Here is a salad that I just made for lunch with things that are always in the house. It’s a busy day, didn’t get a chance to do anything fancy, so I have mixed lettuces. I always have organic red peppers in the house, of course I wash them in alkaline water. I always have avocado in the house. I always have cut up broccoli in the house. I like to have this, these are just beets from the salad bar and these are sprouts that I always have in the house. And I always have raw nuts. These are almonds and pumpkin seeds. I have sunflower seeds and pine nuts also all the time in the house. This is for Nevin. Nevin loves capers so, Nevin I’m sorry I’m using my fingers but they’re really clean. So I always top everything with capers, and excuse me I’m going to show you what I use for salad dressing because I’m not big on creamy things. I love my flavored balsamic vinegar. It’s always on the table. I have a little spout, whatever it’s called and I just go like this. Okay, I dare you to tell me it’s hard. Really. I double dare you to tell me it’s hard. Elaine Gibson. I invite you to join us in our community with Learn how to stay healthy and extraordinary and feel amazing easy. From our home to yours, wishing you a healthy and a grateful day.

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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