Sometimes, preparing for a relaxing day out of the house can actually be overwhelming. There is often so much to get ready and staying healthy on the go takes planning.


This is why we prepared this video for you. As I was fighting for my life and beating stage IV cancer without traditional protocols, I HAD to learn how to make good choices. I HAD to learn how to keep my immune system strong. I HAD to make it easy! Most of you do not have this info at your fingertips and since we are committed to helping you stay healthy, shed pounds and boost your energy, here are some easy tips.

Video transcription.

Hello! Elaine Gibson here with welcoming you to out and about on a hike with us, just want to show you what we do. We’re here at my very favorite place, which is Scott’s Run Trail, which is Fairfax, Virginia, outside Washington D.C. This is actually our first outing together where we take food and stuff for the season and I actually have my feet in the water because I forgot my sneakers. It’s okay, it’s how we roll. So, let’s see what we have. I have hard-boiled eggs from the farm, grass-fed eggs from the farm. I also have a small container of pink Himalayan salt that I keep with me and next I have some wraps that I made this morning. I just want to show you how easy this is. I went out to my Tower Garden and I picked some bib lettuce leaves that were ready. Excuse me. We are outdoors. I really had very little in the house. So here is a lettuce leaf, you can use whatever you want, but like I said, I went out to the garden. I have my bib lettuce. I have raw almond butter. I have avocado. I have sprouts and I have sprinkled some lemon on it. It’s as easy as that. Then I wrap each one individually and take them with nice container. I have some raw almonds that I have soaked and dehydrated so they’re nice and crispy that I take on the trail with me. Of course I have my trusty alkaline water that I would never be without. Usually I use a glass container but when we’re hiking I use a plastic container that I can put in my backpack. What I’m doing now is I’ve added a drop of lemon essential oil into the water. It’s so refreshing. It’s like over 90 degrees. It’s refreshing. It keeps me going. It gives me energy. Makes me feel great. So this is how we do out and about with Renewed Living. I invite you to join our community, As always, Nevin and I want to wish you a healthy and a grateful day.

Hi. Nevin Gibson, out and about with I just got back from a little hike here at the Scott’s Run Nature Preserve, went down to the waterfall and the Potomac River. So we just got back and it’s a hot and humid day. I’ve got my alkaline water with a drop of peppermint oil in it. After a hike, especially when it’s this kind of weather in the summer, I like to wash off a little bit with acid water in case I brushed against any poison ivy or other bushes. Maybe got a bug bite. So I like to rinse off with the acid water. I’m so used to saying alkaline water. It’s refreshing too. So once again, Nevin and Elaine out here with out and about with Have a great day.

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Elaine & Nevin

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