Preparing for travel can quite honestly, throw me in to a spiral for days. Three days prior to leaving, I am trying on clothes, making piles and changing my mind. Why is it that I feel so frazzled when planning my wardrobe?  Then for these few days my bedroom has clothes, shoes and  accessories all over. While I share this, I hope I am no alone!

Interestingly, I have my food for traveling much more organized and under control. This must be where the CLARITY piece appears. I know what my food should look like but there are way to many options around my wardrobe.

Most people do better with clarity of their wardrobe packing than how to handle staying healthy with eating while traveling.

My promise is to always make creating extraordinary health easy and fun. 

This is why I have made this 3 1/2 minute video for you.


Hello! Elaine Gibson with, Nevin and I are travelling this week. We are in Connecticut with our business coach for a retreat, and since we drove I want to show you what we bring with us and how we roll here at renewed living to be sure that we’re healthy. So I have with me, let’s start from here. I went to the store and I have some cut up veggies whatever you like. I find this easiest and I also have a little ziplock so I can take some of these and put them in my backpack to take with me to the meeting. Nevin cut up a watermelon because this time of year I love my watermelon. So I’m actually gonna have some of this for breakfast, and I love my coconut yogurt. This is an unsweetened cultured coconut milk. Since I don’t eat dairy I really have missed my yogurt but this is a keeper. To put in my yogurt, I took what mung beans I had that I had sprouted. I have them and I will actually mix yogurt and the mung beans together and I will throw in some blueberries that are wonderful and luscious this time of year especially.

The other thing I like to do is I boiled up eggs for us; we get our eggs from the farm. They’re all grass fed, and I boiled up some hard boiled eggs and I have with me a little travelling pink Himalayan salt so it’s really-really awesome. And I also of course and it’s much easier since we’re travelling Nevin packed a couple gallons of alkaline water but I have my alkaline antioxidant water in a glass water bottle and I have my trusty doterra essential oils that I use many of them every day. But today travelling I want to show you what I have with me. This is deep blue because my back is always bothering me, and I have lavender to help me sleep at night, I have digestzen because I actually use this every day, I actually use it after every meal, and I have On Guard which is to help us keep our immune system up and as you know from someone who has beat stage without traditional protocols, it’s all about the immune system and this is my favorite. So all I do is this, literally Nevin and I each do this probably three or four times a day. So I don’t know if there’s anything else I’m going to show you right now except that I want to tell you it’s easy you can make it happen if you’re going to a place and you’re not driving find out what’s local and do a little bit of shopping because you matter and as always from our home to yours Nevin and I want to wish you a healthy and grateful day from Let us know what your favorite travel secret is.

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In health and gratitude,

Elaine & Nevin

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